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Black wax, everything about this painless method

Black wax, everything about this painless method

It is known as the painless wax, it is black and makes your skin soft and shiny: find out everything about the Black Wax!

It is the star of beauty salons: the Black Wax is the painless method, with soothing and softening powers! Everyone wonders if it is actually useful and if the results is different from our classic wax.

It has become more and more common even because people who tried it reported that it is completely painless: it just causes a light annoyance. Let’s find out more about it!

Black Wax: the painless wax

You can find it anywhere, there are many different brands that launched this product worldwide. This black wax is made with a creme and a highly flexible gel. This is the reason why this product does not stick to the skin, but just to the hairs!

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For this reason, you can’t feel any pain, whether if you use it on short or long hairs. It works on delicate areas, too, such as armpits and groin! The Black Wax contains ingredients such as glucose, bee wax and glycerine, that act on the skin in a positive way. Their components have a soothing and softening action, therefore after the waxing your skin will look even shinier and softer!

Moreover, according to people who tried it, this kind of product slows hair regrowth down. Moreover, it also works on super short hairs. Does this product have any disadvantages? The only one is its usage: it is better if you ask a professional to use it, instead of doing it yourself.

The reason is that you need to spread it evenly, in order to remove it in the easiest way. If you do not remove it right, it will take longer to remove the residues. As a consequence, you can increase the risk of skin irritations!

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