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What is blepharitis? Everything you need to know about this disease and some natural and calming compresses to relieve the pain.

Blepharitis is a rather annoying inflammation of the eyelid that causes swelling and burning. The problem is rather widespread and generally the causes are poor hygiene or polluted environments. In order to avoid to make the situation worse, you should immediately see a doctor, who will give you the right treatments. Together with the prescribed medications, you can also use some natural remedies to relieve pain and burning. However, these solutions must not replace medical care.

Let’s see how you can find immediate relief for your swollen eyelid and how to recognize blepharitis.

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Blepharitis: symptoms

Localized burning. You often feel a strong feeling of heat on the edge of the eyelid. Moreover, it is hard to keep the eye open.

– As a result, your eye starts itching and you rub the eyelid, which reddens and further inflames the affected area.

– With the passing of time, blepharitis leads to eye swelling and light sensitivity.

Blepharitis: natural remedies

Compresses are a great solution for immediate relief. You can use just warm water, or you can add herbs or plants with soothing properties: in this case, the best ones are chamomile and green tea.

– A compress of chamomile tea on your eyes is a cure-all, thanks to its soothing and emollient properties. This plant is used to give relief to irritated skin and it perfect for those with sensitive skin. You can apply the warm chamoile bag directly on the eyelid and let it act for about five minutes. Alternatively, soak a sterile dressing in the chamomile infusion, to which you can add leaves of sage.

Green tea is a great alternative to chamomile. After having filtered and cooled it, soak cotton wool balls in it, then press them gently on the swollen eyelid.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/occhio-femmina-blu-blue-eye-2163237/

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