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Blurred vision and tired eyes: remedies

Blurred vision and tired eyes: remedies

Tired eyes and blurred vision: natural remedies to stimulate your microcirculation and find relief!

In case of fatigue or after many hours in front of your computer, eyes are often tired and your vision is blurred. In this case, it is not safe to drive, and it is better not to further strain your vision. The ideal is to relax your eyes a little. With some rejuvenating and relaxing compresses, you can reactivate the microcirculation and thus improve your vision.

For example, chamomile is a natural remedy grandmas used to relieve eyes tension and burning. For an immediate relief, you can also try compresses and massages. Let’s see in detail how to get your vision back in a short time!

Blurred vision: remedies

Blurred vision and tired eyes: remedies

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– In order to stimulate the microcirculation, you can use green tea bags. Let two tea bags cool in the refrigerator for about an hour. Done that, put them on your closed eyes for a couple of minutes and relax.

–  Warm compresses are excellent in case of fatigue and eyes burning. Moreover, they are very pleasant during the cold season. Make a chamomile infusion, then soak a piece of sterile dressing in it and put it on your eyes- For a natural relaxing feeling!

You can also add to chamomile other plants with relaxing powers, such as mauve, rose or mint. Repeat every time you need, without overdoing it. Two or three applications per week will do.

– Sage compresses are a real panacea for tired eyes, because they have relaxing and regenerative properties. Alternatively, prepare an infusion of ginger and rosemary, soak some cotton pad in it and apply on your eyes.

– For immediate relief, you can also try a light massage on the affected area. If you feel a strong pressure on the temples or on the forehead, massage the area using essential oila. Lavender or mint oil are the most suitable ones, because they offer a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation. With your fingertips, make very light and circular movements. Massage for about three minutes.

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