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The bob turns 110: it’s the most chic haircut in the world!

The bob turns 110: it's the most chic haircut in the world!

The most iconic, chic and sophisticated haircut in the world turns 110 and we must celebrate. We talking about the bob!

After 110 years, the bob remains the the most common and iconic haircut  in the history. We called it in so many ways: bob, long bob, lob, carré, pob or à la garçonne, but its shape is more or less always the same.

This hairstyle is glamorous and super-feminine: everyone of us, at least once in our life, whether we were just girls or adults, chose this haircut. It is the most famous haircut in the world, which has very ancient origins. Let’s find out together some facts!

In 2019, the bob haircut turns 110!

This hairstyle was invented in 1909 by Antoine, a Polish hairdresser who had opened a salon in Paris. This haircut has changed the concept of femininity, which until that time was associated with long hair. In that period, it has also become the symbol of women emancipation. It was inspired by Joan of Arc.

The bob turns 110: it's the most chic haircut in the world!

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This hairstyle has marked the history of elegance, so much that it has appeared in many movies. Moroever, the most famous actresses and stars of the show business started to wear it. It occasionally returns back in fashion with different variants thanks to the most followed social media influencers.

Victoria Beckham has this haircut since the Spice Girls and Jennifer Aniston has launched the trend thanks to the tv series Friends. Even the model Twiggy changed the style of an era. While in 2018, Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid chose it and made it modern and contemporary.

This is the most stylish haircut of the world and it will never go out of fashion. Happy birthday to the bob!

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