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Body acne: 7 remedies for pimples on the chest and back


Not only on the face, pimples may also appear on the chest and back. Let’s see what are the most effective remedies for acne on the body.

When we talk about acne and pimples we immediately think of the face, but in reality it is a problem that can also affect the body. In summer the pimples on the body are caused by sweat and the use of synthetic fabrics, while when it is colder they can arise because we do not let the skin breathe . The most affected parts are usually the back, shoulders and chest, which are the areas most prone to oily skin and intense sweating.

Fortunately, with some tricks, it is possible to defeat acne on the body : let’s see what they are and the remedies to use.

Acne on the body: effective remedies

First of all, sweat and excess sebum must be eliminated, taking a shower every day with an antibacterial but gentle detergent . You can ask for advice at the pharmacy.


Still in the shower, the skin should be exfoliated, without using oil-based products. Better then to use a horsehair glove or body brush. Do not forget to rinse them well and let them air dry to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

In the case of pimples on the back and shoulders, often the fault lies with the hair products used in the shower: do the shampoo first and only after rinsing the conditioner wash the body.

If pimples occur on the legs or in the groin, it is probably hair removal folliculitis . Always use a clean razor, preferably disposable.

After the shower, once a week make a compress on the areas affected by the pimples with green clay and tea tree essential oil , which you can find in herbal medicine (or online). They are the same ingredients used for face masks.

Better to avoid using moisturizers on the back and chest, especially in the presence of acne: the pores could become blocked, making the situation worse.

In the case of very severe and inflamed acne, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist , because antibiotic treatment may be necessary.

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