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Botox Bar: have a coffee and a beauty injection together!

Botox Bars: have a coffee and a beauty injection together!

In the United States they are everywhere: we are talking about the Botox Bars, where you can have both a coffee and a beauty injection!

The Botox Bar are all the rage now. In this places, you can order two ingredients we do not usually have together: coffee and a botox injection, to remove your wrinkles or fill your lips up. Let’s find out what it is about and everything we need to know!

Botox Bar: the new beauty trend from the USA

Famous VIPs always follow the weirdest beauty treatments. Just think about the criosauna, that is a freezing-cold sauna, until this new bars we are talking about.

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These new places are beauty bars: it is not necessary anymore to go to a plastic surgeon to feel young again! Just enter the bar and ask for a coffee and the beauty treatment you want.

You can choose either a filler injection to fill your lips up, one for the contour of your eyes to eliminate crow’s feet, or one against wrinkles. Moreover, there are also gift cards for your friends, in order to take care of their beauty, too!

This new business was born in the United States, but nowadays it is starting to spread in other Countries. According to the experts, in the next few years there will be openat least other fifty Botox Bars.

This is not the first time beauty matches with food. Different brands have united these two topics in different ways. For example, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its line of lip balms, while Kit Kat has produced its own line of eyeshadows. Have you ever tried them?

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