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Brazilian lissage: the new hair straightening technique!

Brazilian lissage: the new hair straightening technique!

Brazilian lissage is a new keratin-based hair straightening technique, perfect for people with wavy hair!

Brazilian lissage straightening technique is more delicate and less invasive. It uses keratin to make your hair smooth and soft.

In addition, this technique is a different solution to the flat iron, which in the long run can ruin your hair. In this way, you will obtain smooth, natural hair and your hairdo will last longer. Your curls will be softened and the hair will be straight and soft.

Brazilian lissage: everything you need to know about it!

With this technique, you can have a smooth and long-lasting hair set. This is possible because this treatmnet uses keratin, which is the protein that makes up 95% of our hair. Thanks to this substance, we can have glossy, shiny, and healthy hair.

The lissage is great for poeple with wavy and frizzy hair, because it is a long-lasting straightening technique. Keratin allows to have smooth hair, but at the same time soft and shiny, regenerated by fibers.

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Brazilian lissage is a natural technique, therefore it should not damage your hair. For this reason, it is possible to frequently repeat the treatment, unlike traditional chemical hair straightenings, which in the long run damage it.

The lissage is recommended for people with damaged, curly and frizzy hair, but also for women who like to frequently change their hair color. Can you have a Brazilian lissage at home? Yes, there are many kits available to do it at home. They are cheap, but the result will not be the same as if it is done by professional hairdressers.

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