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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why?

Magnesium and potassium for breakfast

A perfect, healthy and balanced breakfast provides a quarter of the calories you consume in 24 hours. It’s good to know how to do it right for your body!

Nowadays, preparing a good, healthy and nutritious breakfast has become a luxury that few can afford. With the rush that is in the morning at home, the breakfast that was once lived at the table, is now replaced by a coffee and a snack taken   on the fly. But beware, haste is the enemy of well-being and good humor.

Fasting in the morning is also not good for health at all, as it is precisely at this time that we need essential energy sources. But what are the main rules to start the day in the best way? Let’s find out together !

Having a good balanced breakfast helps

How is this energy captured? Make it a habit to get up a few minutes earlier in the morning and take the time to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast. So forget a croissant and a coffee swallowed on the fly or the habit of skipping this meal (which 8 million do every morning!)

Magnesium and potassium for breakfast
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Starting the morning by eating is essential to face the day with all the necessary energy load, yet there are still many who neglect the morning appointment with food. The reason is that during the night the body uses the sugar reserves of the liver, which in the morning are therefore already being depleted : breakfast therefore serves not to force the body to burn muscle proteins and reserve fats that would be used to produce energy. for the whole morning!

What to eat for breakfast?

There are those who make it sweet and some savory, some with fruit and some with biscuits and milk: but what is the right method to make it correct? Well, let’s try to summarize it all in 5 simple rules.

The ideal breakfast should be:

Adjust . It must be a meal eaten every day.

Complete . The best meal is characterized by a composition of carbohydrates and proteins.

Balanced . It must provide the body with 15-20% of the daily calories.

Varies . Don’t always eat the same things, in this way it will also be a stimulating moment!

Tasty . Last, and not least, remember that this is a moment of pleasure.

Among the most suitable foods we find complex carbohydrates such as oat flakes, cereals, bread, rusks, fresh fruit and juices, but also yogurt (useful thanks to live lactic ferments) and milk, which provides calcium and an important protein intake.

As drinks you can associate coffee or tea, perhaps unsweetened but sweetened with honey .

For a protein breakfast, on the other hand, ideal are foods such as eggs (and therefore pancakes, pancakes and more), wholemeal bread , nuts (the most protein-rich dried fruit of all), but also other foods for a fantastic savory breakfast: salmon, bresaola, raw ham… and don’t forget the smoothies !

Diet breakfast: what to eat

Different speech if we talk about breakfast and diet. Yes, because in any case you have to be careful not to overdo it, especially with fats, such as bacon or fried eggs. However, the most recommended is the classic one : milk, coffee, accompanied by classic, light and nutritious biscuits, rusks with jam .

You can also eat fresh fruit , whole grains (no more than 40 g), and include oats, chia seeds, teff and many other elements that make you lose weight.

In general, however, if you want to lose weight, we recommend that you contact a nutritionist, who will be able to tell you precisely what to eat.

Protein breakfast
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What NOT to eat in the morning

For those with a sweet tooth, you can also not give up a tasty cappuccino with croissant or a slice of donut every now and then, but don’t overdo it! Croissants also have their faults. Those bought at the supermarket contain saturated fatty acids, coconut and palm vegetable oils or lard, which dirty the arteries.

Some types of cookies also contain a lot of saturated fat. And stay away from junk food (muffins, snacks and company) and too many sugars!

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