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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: do you know why?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: do you know why?

A perfect, healthy and balanced breakfast gives a quarter of the calories you take in 24 hours. You should prepare it properly to benefit your body!

Nowadays, preparing a good, healthy and nutritios breakfast is a luxury for a few ones. In the morning, we are always in a rush and we do not have time to sit at the table to have breakfast, therefore we eat just a snack and a coffee on the fly.

However, be careful! Hurry is enemy of wellness and good mood. Fasting in the morning is not healthy, too, because this is the moment when your body needs the most some essential energy sources. Which are the main rules to better start your day? Let’s find out together!

How to have a good and balanced breakfast

How to boost your energies in the morning? First of all, you should wake up earlier in the morning and take your time to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Therefore, forget meals on the fly or fasting!

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Starting your day eating is essential to boost your energies for the day, but a lot of people still neglect this meal. The reason why it is so important is because at night, our body uses the liver sugar supplies, which therefore in the morning are almost over. We need to have breakfast to avoid burning muscle proteins and supply fats which we need to produce energy for the day!

What to eat for breakfast?

Someone likes it sweet, others salty; someone else eats fruits and others milk and biscuits. Which one is the proper breakfast? Let’s recap in 5 rules.

The ideal meal must be:

  • Regular. You need to eat it every day.
  • Complete. The best meal is made of carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Balanced. It needs to give 15-20% of daily calories to your body.
  • Varied. Do not always eat the same stuff: in this way, you will be more willing of having breakfast!
  • Tasty. Last but not least: it has to be a pleasure!

Among the best foods there are complex carbohydrates like oat porridge, cereals, bread, toasts, fresh fruits and juices, but also yogurt (useful because of its living lactic bacteria) and milk, with its high content of calcium. You can drink tea or coffee, sweetened with honey if you don’t want to drink them bitter.

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Instead, for a proteic breakfast, you can choose eggs (pancakes are ok!), whole wheat bread, walnuts (the most proteic dried fruit of all), but also other food for a fantastic savory meal: salmon, bresaola, ham… and do not forget about smoothies!

Diet breakfast: what to eat

If you are on a diet, the situation changes, because you cannot eat too many fats such as bacon and fried eggs. The best way to have breakfast is the classic one: milk, cofee, classic biscuits, toast with jam.

You can also eat fresh fruit, whole cereals (not more than 40g), but also oat, chia seeds, teff and other diet foods. However, if you want to lose weight it is better to ask a nutritionist, which will make you a precise food plan.

What you should NOT eat for breakfast

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Sweet food lovers can eat a slice of cake and a croissant every now and then, but not too often! Unfortunately, croissants and snacks also have flaws. Those you buy at the supermarket contain a lot of fatty acids, coconut or plam vegetal oils or lard, which hurt our arteries. Stay away also from certain types of biscuits and junk foods such as muffins, snacks and similar!

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