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Breast self-examination: how to do it and what it is for

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Breast self-examination is a periodic check-up that serves to keep breast health under control. Also practicable at home is a way to take care of yourself.

When it comes to health, there are always many checks and checks to be made. As for breast health, however, in addition to the normal routine checks to be done annually, there is a periodic check that can also be done from home, or breast self-examination. A non-invasive and painless technique to periodically check the breasts in order to detect any changes to be communicated to your doctor.

How to do breast self-examination

To properly perform breast self-examination, first of all you must observe it in order to notice any changes in shape or in specific areas .

woman in bra
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To observe it correctly, you need to look at yourself in different positions which are:

– Stand up and with your arms at your sides
– Stand with your arms above your head
– Stand with your hands pressing on your pelvis

After the observation, the actual examination must be passed. Here many wonder what to feel with breast self-examination. The answer is obviously variable. In general, attention should be paid to any slightest variation and to any harder areas, usually detectable with the fingers.

These, in fact, can be the indicator for nodules, cysts or initial formations which, if taken in time, can lead to rapid healing. For this reason, in case of changes it is very important to inform your doctor immediately in order to check that everything is okay.

Breast self-examination: when to do it

Another question many people ask about breast self-examination is when to do it. Given that from the age of 20 it is recommended to always do it, this should be performed approximately every 15 days and away from the cycle in order to avoid pain and swelling that could make it unclear.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, however, it can be performed at any time.

The advice, if you have never done breast self-examination, is to ask your doctor for advice at least for the first time. This way you will have a clear idea of ​​how to move.

We remind you that October is the month of breast cancer prevention , which is why in this period it is possible to contact several centers for free for a first check of breast health.

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