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Breath diet, the diet that allows you to lose weight by breathing

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This particular diet provides that you can lose the extra pounds by breathing, through exercises and sports. Let’s see how it works.

It will certainly seem strange, but experts claim that it is possible to lose weight by following the breath diet. This particular diet is obviously not only based on “air consumption “, on the contrary. The foods and foods to be consumed can be freely chosen.

In any case, the breathing diet rests its foundations on the fact that breathing burns fat. To be more precise, breathing stimulates the dissolution of the body’s fatty deposits .

This is possible because fat, at the molecular level, is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, consequently the oxygen forfeited with respiration allows to split the fat molecules . The chemical reaction then releases energy from waste products such as water and carbon dioxide.

In this way it is possible to eliminate fat and dispose of through breathing and sweating. For this reason, a key aspect of the breathing diet is sport, since it allows to intensify breathing and helps to get rid of toxins. Now let’s see how the breathing diet works.

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Woman breath

The history of the breathing diet

The breathing diet was invented by the Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke who, looking for a way to relax, discovered how effective breathing is in losing excess pounds.

In fact, according to him, it would be enough to take long breaths every day to burn fat, in this way Ryosuke lost 13 kilos in six weeks , and without food restrictions. As we have said, in addition to the very flexible diet, as in almost all diets, also for breathing, it is essential to play sports.

Breath diet: the exercises to put it into practice

But in this case it is an even more important practice because it is one of the best ways to eliminate calories and toxins . In fact, doing sports contributes to stimulating fat deposits through intensified breathing and muscle mobilization.

The breathing diet is therefore not difficult or rigid, in fact it is based on precise breathing exercises to be carried out every day for 2 to 5 minutes. To reduce the waist size, just stand up, one leg forward and one back, and inhale for 3 seconds, being careful to raise the arms above the head and shift the weight on the back foot.

Then we move on to exhalation, where we will have to forcefully throw the air out for about 7 seconds. During these exercises it is important to contract the belly muscles to maximize their effectiveness.

Breath diet: foods and contraindications

Even if the breathing diet does not include a real diet, it is obvious that healthy and balanced foods must be combined with the exercises. The Mediterranean diet is perfect , but in any case it is important to be able to forfeit the nutrients necessary for the body’s needs.

Thanks to the combined effectiveness of diet and exercises, it will be possible to burn fat and act on stress , relieving tension. Furthermore, it will be possible to better manage emotions, tiredness and situations of mental tension.

The breathing diet is therefore one of the best and least demanding solutions to lose weight, but one important thing must be remembered. In fact it is necessary to be careful because according to specialists it would be better not to condition or control an involuntary act such as breathing.

This is because there is a risk of inducing hyperventilation, palpitations, tachycardia or, in the worst case, fainting. Therefore, before taking the breath diet, it is important to contact your doctor. Instead asthmatic individuals or with heart problems they should definitely not try this diet.

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