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Bresaola: everything you didn’t know about this tasty salami


There are different types, depending on the meat used, but it is always very good: we are talking about bresaola.

Bresaola is a very particular salami, appreciated for its characteristics that make it unique. Unlike other cold cuts such as ham, salami and mortadella, it is in fact a low-fat and high-protein product. For this reason it is a recommended food for those on a diet, or for those who need a high protein intake – athletes in the first place. But not everyone really knows bresaola: here is what you need to know about this precious food to bring to our tables.

What is bresaola

Let’s start by saying that there are various types of bresaola , depending on the meat that is used: it can be produced from horse meat, beef, deer or pork. Very famous is the bresaola della Valtellina, which uses beef (among the breeds used, there is also zebu , from South America).

Bresaola: nutritional values

As mentioned above, this salami has very particular characteristics. The calories of the bresaola are rather low: in a portion of 100 grams there are only 150 kcal. It has just 2% fat (therefore with a low cholesterol content which makes it atypical in sausages).

Bresaola is very rich in proteins, 32 grams , of animal origin, every 100 grams : in fact it is considered one of the richest foods in this sense.


This food also has large quantities of mineral salts – sodium, potassium, phosphorus in primis – and vitamins, especially those of group B , important for the correct bone development and for the strengthening of the immune system.

Can bresaola be eaten during pregnancy?

Does bresaola hurt in pregnancy? This is a question that many future mothers ask themselves, since there are indications of all kinds on the web. In general, there are no particular contraindications to the consumption of bresaola , except for the fact that, like all cured meats, it is very rich in sodium.

It is therefore important to pay attention to pressure , especially during the third trimester of pregnancy, when the so-called pregnancy hypertension can arise. Another contraindication is toxoplasmosis: women who have never contracted it should avoid raw meat and consequently also bresaola.

Bresaola diet: what it is

There is also the bresaola diet, which allows you to lose even a bounty in two weeks . As we said earlier, this sliced ​​meat is light in terms of calories and has a high content of proteins, which are valuable allies in a low-calorie diet .

In this sense, just combine the bresaola with the right foods. In particular, it is good to avoid further proteins and to favor vegetables , to fill up on fiber.

Bresaola: recipes and what to accompany it

There are those who eat it like a normal cold cut, inside a sandwich. And who instead is faithful to the classic recipe that includes lemon, rocket and parmesan flakes. Did you know that these ingredients do not perfectly match with bresaola?

Rolls with bresaola
Rolls with bresaola

For a dish that enhances the flavor of this salami, you should avoid lemon altogether , or at least not squeeze it over the slices of bresaola, otherwise you risk “cooking” the meat. Rocket , with a very strong taste, should be used in minimal quantities.

But you can try bresaola with many other foods: for example with fruit , especially with the exotic one. Or with cheeses , to create truly spatial combinations. The only precaution is to never cook it : it loses its flavor and risks becoming hard.

A recipe to try is the salad with bresaola and peaches .

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