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Broccoli: properties and benefits we should all know


Broccoli: the properties that we should all know and why it is so recommended to consume them often in order to live healthily.

Broccoli has incredible properties that are particularly useful for the body . It is in fact one of the vegetables considered healthier and usually recommended for a varied diet rich in all the nutrients necessary to live well. So let’s discover its many beneficial properties and everything you need to know to consume it with greater awareness.

Broccoli: properties and benefits

Broccoli is good for you as it is rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants.


A true source of well-being that (except for allergies or particular reasons) no one should be missing.
Among the major benefits for which they are known are in fact:

– Reduction of cholesterol
– Well-being of the heart
– Substances that help eyesight
– Better digestion
– Prevention of some forms of cancer
– Detoxifying effect
– Lower blood sugar
– Dental health
– Support of the immune system
– Wellbeing of the brain

All effects that can be achieved with few calories. In fact, in 100 g of broccoli there are just 40. And all without forgetting that these crucifers are also known for the contribution of other substances. In broccoli the fibers are in fact about 3 g per 100 of product. And as far as broccoli and proteins are concerned, these too are present for approximately 4 g per 100.

It should also be mentioned the relationship between broccoli and vitamins which is really good. In fact, iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, thiamine, phosphorus, niacin, vitamin A and vitamin C are present.

How to best consume broccoli

Now that we understand why it is recommended to include broccoli in your diet , it is important to understand how to consume it to ensure that all nutrients are not lost. In fact, some research has shown that the best way to eat broccoli is after steaming.

Obviously they are also good boiled but without exaggerating with cooking which, as is well known, tends to destroy vitamin C. For those who like it, broccoli can also be eaten raw. Why you can accompany such an i nsalata but also with rice or a meat or fish. And for those who love detox drinks, they are also perfect in the morning to be included in a juice.

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