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Broccoli seed oil: your new beauty ally

Broccoli seed oil: your new beauty ally

This new green ally will help you have beautiful, shiny and hydrated hair, but not only!

Not everyone likes broccoli, but they are really good for our health. Do you think they’re just a food? Wrong! They have many nutritional properties which you probably don’t know. Have you ever heard about broccoli seed oil? It is a new beauty ally some women can’t do without anymore. It is natural and has many benefits and you can use it on your hair.

Broccoli oil: what it is and what benefits it has

Broccoli oil is extracted not from its leaves, but from its seeds. It is a very nourishing and mosturizing natural product. This oil is rich in vitamins A, C and K, and it also contains a high amount of calcium.

Broccoli seed oil: your new beauty ally
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This product has many properties, but the most interesting one is its effect on hair. Thanks to broccoli seed oil, your hair will be shiny and soft, as it prevents fall and enhance its hydration.

Furthermore, this product is rich in antioxidants, which help fighting free radicals, it hydrates and nourish the skin thanks to its content of vitamin C. Besides, it is also useful to reduce skin inflammations. You can’t do without this beauty ally!

Broccoli seed oil: should you do it yourself or buy it?

If you want to prepare this product at home, know that it is not possible. What you can make instead is a mix of different hair natural oils, in order to get a nourishing product for your hair and skin.

If you want to purchase this oil, the first thing to do is looking for it online: there are many different brands who sell it. Moreover, you can find it in pharmacies and at the herbalist’s shop.

Broccoli oil: how to use it

It is very important to understand how to use this product. First of all, you should apply it right after your shampoo, instead of conditioner or a mask. Massage a few drops of broccoli oil on your hair, let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse. Remember that this product is just for external use: do not drink it!

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