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Broth diet: the new trend movie stars follow to lose weight

Broth diet: the new trend movie stars follow to lose weight

The broth diet is already followed by many stars, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Salma Hayek. In New York, it is the latest trend among slimming diets!

A lot of movie stars, the most followed influencers and cinema VIPs have already fallen in love with the broth diet. The famous nutritionist Dr. Kellyann has highlighted its slimming and anti-age properties.

This diet is inspired by the classic broth our grandmothers made. The recipe is the same, but now you can take away this food and drink it during the day. Let’s find out how it works and everything about its properties!

All about the broth diet: the movie star’s slimming secret!

We thought Starbucks was the only one selling take-away drinks and cappuccinos, but we were wrong. In fact, in the East Village you can find the shop Brodo, a take-away restaurant which sells broth in cups. Thanks to this latest trend, you can enjoy bone or vegetable broth while walking or at your office.

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This trend is already very popular, because other than being tasteful, it is definitely slimming. Broth, according to some nutritionists, has slimming properties and can counteract skin aging.

This warm drink is rich in collagen and proteins, which make it effective as if it was an anti-wrinkle cream. Some say that with this diet it is even possible to lose 6 kilos in 21 days. According to this regime, you should drink 6 cups of bone broth for two non-consecutive days of the week.

Of course, we recommend you see a nutritionist first, in order to associate this diet with physical activity. Certainly, there are still many people who prefer following a Mediterranean diet, which tastes good and is among the healthiest dietary regimes!

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