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Bubbles on the tongue: causes and remedies to get rid of them

Bubbles tongue

All grandma’s remedies for boils on the tongue: reduce swelling and pain with baking soda, chamomile and other natural products.

Germs , bacteria and viruses are mainly responsible for the annoying bubbles on the tongue. It is an infection that can become very painful if not treated immediately. Generally there is a burning and swelling sensation when swallowing or speaking.

Their appearance can vary according to gravity and tendentially from red to whitish color. To cure them there are really effective home remedies that, in mild cases, can make them disappear in two or three days. Let’s see what are the best home remedies of grandmothers against bubbles on the mouth.

Bubbles tongue
Bubbles tongue

Causes of bubbles on the tongue

The main causes of the bubbles on the tongue are due to a viral infection or accidental bites . In case of flu, for example, the immune system lowers causing canker sores, gingivitis and boils. One of the most frequent causes, therefore, is aphthous stomatitis, which produces canker sores

He may also understand that he is biting his tongue by mistake and therefore causing small wounds that can become ulcers .

Stress is another of the causes to be kept under control. Not least the lack of vitamins and folic acid and an excessive use of drugs.

Food that is too hot or spicy can also cause small wounds on the tongue and become bubbles.

Pimples on the tongue, pustules or boils? The differences

As we have said, the bubbles on the tongue have the appearance of a mouth ulcer on the tongue, with a grayish or yellowish surface with a halo of redness around it (or if not too severe only red).

Often, however, there is confusion with the pustules on the tongue and the pimples, which are nothing more than the enlargement of a taste bud , which cause annoyance, yes, but they are not comparable to canker sores. A swollen taste bud is caused by infections of the oral cavity due to poor hygiene, or even by inflammations caused by small wounds.

It boils under the tongue and boils on the tongue near the throat

What happens when the bubbles are under the tongue? And when am I near the gorge? Let’s clarify:

For the bubbles under the tongue the same causes apply as the bubbles located in the upper part. However, greater discomfort and pain is added, due to the constant touching of the tongue and gums.

For the bubbles on the tongue near the throat, the same thing still applies, only that the point where it is formed can lead to greater discomfort, in this case during the swallowing phase.

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Bubbles on the tongue: remedies

Baking soda is one of the most used grandmother’s remedies ever for prompt intervention. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties , it not only regulates the pH of the mouth, but also relieves pain and swelling.

To use it, mix 10 ml of boiling water in a cup with a teaspoon of baking soda. Then apply the mixture on the bubble and leave for about ten minutes. Finally, rinse your mouth with plenty of fresh water.

Also try the salt combined with water. You can use it to gargle, or to apply it directly on the tongue.

The ice manages to give immediate relief, as it reduces inflammation. Put an ice cube where you have the bubble and leave for about a minute. The cold warm contrast will decrease the pain.

Alternatively, drinking cold water helps to have immediate and constant relief.

Chamomile is the grandmother’s remedy for pain par excellence. Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it is excellent for reducing bubbles and decreasing pain . Try the gargle facts with a simple chamomile herbal tea.

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