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The Buddha diet is the new trend to lose weight and stay zen, eating intermittently!

The Buddha diet is the new trend to lose weight and stay zen, eating intermittently!

The new Buddha diet lets you eat intermittently and stay zen!

The main rule of the Buddha diet is scheduling meals, rather than limiting them. This is the new diet key to lose weight and stay zen, without stressing out. We definitely need to forget about the famous diets which includes a lot of Instagram-friendly smoothies.

We must look at the past, when diabetes and obesity were almost non-existent. Moreover, there is another myth to debunk: Buddha was not fat, as we see him today. “Yes, Buddha was slim, because his philosophy has good indications about the ideal relationship with food. Today, this has been confirmed also by scientific studies“. So it says the introduction of the book The diet of Buddha.

The Buddha or Tibetan diet to lose weight and be zen!

The Buddha diet does not indicate what to eat, which of course must be healthy, genuine and low in fat, but it focuses on when to eat it. It is also important to “develop a more peaceful, joyful and satisfying relationship with food. A diet must not become a punishing regimen, but a way to improve ourselves. In short, this diet is about planning your meals rather than limit them“, says the book.

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In addition, it is essential to enter the intermittent fasting: just think that Buddha ate his last meal at 12. Well, we do not want to be so drastic: the advice is to avoid late night snacks, which are harmful and make you gain weight.

Other than avoiding the snacks, this diet recommends to fast from 9 to 18. The interval between one meal and another should be of about 9 hours. In this way, you will easily lose weight and you will feel zen and relaxed.

Of course, every diet should be matched with a healthy lifestyle, no smoking and no alcohol. Moreover, you should drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Before starting any diet, we suggest you to see your doctor.

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