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Burning eyes The causes and advice to eliminate it

burning in the eyes

Sos burning in the eyes: how to reduce tearing, itching and discomfort with do-it-yourself lightning remedies.

Burning eyes is one of the most common ailments and can affect anyone at any time of the year. It is not only sensitive individuals who have this problem and the factors that cause burning can be both external and internal. Stress , for example, accompanied by prolonged exposure to the computer is not good for eye health.

The change of season, the sun and the pollen in the air should also not be underestimated . Do not take it under the leg because from a banal redness you can get conjunctivitis or other more serious inflammations. If you notice that the burning increases, it is advisable to consult a doctor who will give you the right care to follow.

This treatment can certainly be accompanied by do-it-yourself remedies based on natural substances, which in the mildest cases of banal burning caused for example by tiredness , are sufficient to find relief.

burning in the eyes

Why do the eyes burn? Causes

A very common cause is prolonged exposure to the computer or television. Even the eyes need to rest and straining them for hours can become real torture. If you really can’t do without it, take breaks often: the ideal is every two hours – you will also be able to produce more.

Seasonal allergy to pollen (but also to mites) is a problem that afflicts many people, not only in the spring. Other symptoms such as itchy eyes, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing will also be present in this case.

Sunbathing without glasses or making lamps without glasses can cause severe redness and burning in the eyes. Always protect them and never look at the sun without glasses otherwise you will compromise their sensitivity .

Burning eyes: remedies

The best remedy is undoubtedly rest . Keeping your eyes closed helps protect them and “detach” them. Rest in an environment without light for as long as necessary and, at night, try to sleep at least 7 hours . This is an excellent solution even against blurred vision and tired eyes .

As for grandma’s remedies, chamomile remains the anti-inflammatory and calming agent par excellence. In these cases, the grandmothers made compresses with filtered chamomile and cotton. Just dip a cotton ball in the warm chamomile , squeeze it and place it on the eyelids for about ten minutes.

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