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Buy now, Pay later: the new payment method in installments on e-commerce sites

Buy now Pay Later

Treat yourself to a day of online shopping, but with the convenience of paying in small doses: it’s called Buy Now, Pay Later.

Do you need to make an important online purchase but cannot pay the full cost immediately? The solution is the Buy Now Pay Later, an online installment payment system that you will surely have seen among the payment methods when purchasing fashion clothes and accessories, but also beauty. Some well-known brands, such as Tezenis for example, had already started before the pandemic to offer customers the possibility of being able to defer payments for their purchases, even in the case of small sums, but the increase of this system has significantly increased following the pandemic.

What is Buy Now Pay Later? Pay in small amounts at different times

As the translated term suggests, the meaning of Buy Now Pay Later is Buy Now Pay Later : it means that we have the possibility to buy a product at any time but to be able to pay it comfortably in a quantity of installments, the number of installments of which can also be chosen by us sometimes, which are delayed over time. Among the best known systems already integrated by many brands in their e-commerce platforms we can mention Scalapay and Klarna.

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You will think that it is nothing new compared to a system as old as the world or that of paying in installments, but in the case of these young online systems there are two advantages that make the method easier, immediate and comfortable . First of all, there is no interest rate for the return of money – it is obviously important that the deadlines chosen at the time of purchase are respected – and certainly their widespread diffusion on e-commerce, increasingly growing. From an economic point of view, therefore, there are only advantages, but if we look from the perspective of a consumer, the temptation is to buy more products with greater ease, knowing that we do not have to pay the entire sum immediately and at the precise moment of purchase.

How online payment in installments works and what are the advantages

Each of the companies specialized in this new form of payment has its own terms and conditions of use which can be consulted on its website, but in principle the rules for taking advantage of this type of payment are reaching the age of majority , the activation of a account on the website of the company affiliated with the e-commerce platform from which we will make the purchase and from which we will select the Buy Now Pay Later payment method.

We will then be asked to pay a deposit, generally 25% of the amount to be paid , while the rest of the installment will be subtracted from time to time from the card we have associated with our account, or by bank transfer or other options chosen by us on the site. of the company managing the installment payment. The great advantage therefore, especially in the face of purchases with an important price, is that of being able to divide our spending without having to immediately spend a large sum and above all without having to pay additional costs.

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