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Cactus oil: a beauty ally for your skin and hair

Cactus oil: a beauty ally for your skin and hair

Cactus oil, rich in beneficial properties, is the best product for your skin and hair. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

One of the most used products for our body and hair wellness: cactus oil is every woman’s best friends. Its properties benefit also our skin and help fighting cellulite.

This oil is obtained with the cold pressing of prickly pear seeds. That is why this product is also called prickly pear oil. Let’s find out all the ways to use it!

Cactus oil: properties

This product hydrates the skin, making it soft and elastic. Moreover, it contains linoleic acid, a fat which stimulates the production of healthy cells.

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Cactus oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which helps protecting the skin and keeping it always hydrated. This product is perfect as an anti-inflammatory, thanks to its content of flavonoids.

How to use cactus oil

You can use it on your skin, in order to prevent spots. If matched with a cream, it protects the skin from UV rays, smog and dust. Moreover, it is the perfect ally against acne and pimples, thanks to its healing, sebum-regulator and antiseptic powers. It improves eyebags and prevents wrinkles, slowing aging down.

Our hair can also benefit from cactus oil. Actually, this product quickly strengthen it and prevent split ends. Just add a few drops of it to your conditioner and let sit for at least 5 minutes.

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