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Calf pain: possible causes and what to watch out for

calf pain

Have you ever suffered from calf pain? Here is what it can depend on and what are the most common causes of this annoying disorder.

Calf pain is a fairly common problem that tends to occur at any age, at different stages of life and for reasons that are often very different from each other. Let’s find out what are the most common causes and those that should always be taken into consideration.

Calf pain: most common causes

Calf pain can occur for several reasons. In most cases, you can feel pain after a long or stimulating workout. Situation that usually finds a solution with a few days of rest.

calf pain
calf pain

In other cases, calf pain, especially if persistent, can be an indication of something more serious.
They range from potassium deficiency (which generally shows itself through cramps , especially at night), to muscle strains, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, calf contusion and problems such as peripheral neuropathy which can often have the origin of diseases such as, for example, diabetes.

And again: pain can also be a wake-up call for a venous thrombosis. In that case, the pain will be very severe and accompanied by a swollen leg or calf . Situation in which it is advisable to contact the doctor immediately.

How to relieve calf pain

Unless it is a problem due to strains or blood clots, calf pain can be reduced through a number of measures.

The first is to change position (especially in case of cramps), to lift the leg where pain is felt and in some cases to try to stretch. Then comes the ice pack that putting on the aching calf can help reduce some symptoms and ease the pain. Then there are also anti-inflammatories that should be taken only after medical advice and, above all, after having safely ruled out the other causes.

It is also always useful to stay well hydrated (which is very important for the whole organism) and to ensure the right intake of minerals through nutrition. Furthermore, if you play sports it may be necessary to never exaggerate with the loads and increase the intensity of the exercises exponentially, always taking care to follow your body and stop in case of pain.

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