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Can the mask cause a headache? The word of the experts

woman with migraine

Can wearing a mask really cause a migraine? The opinion of experts on one of the thorniest topics of recent times.

With the arrival of the Coronavirus, the habits of Italians have totally changed. Among the innovations that have become a constant in everyone’s life, one of the most important is undoubtedly the one concerning the obligation to use the mask. A necessity for the well-being of all but which according to many also causes problems such as headaches. The possible correlation between mask and migraines has been taken into consideration several times. And sometimes it has done so by dividing even the experts who have given different explanations for this phenomenon.

Does the mask cause a headache?

If you try to ask those who use it every day, one of the most common complaints about using the mask is that of collateral problems such as mask conjunctivitis or the presence of migraines.

woman with headache
woman with headache

A problem that has divided the experts between those who believe it impossible and those who, instead, have brought forward some possible correlations. An example is that of Dr. Sacco , full professor of Neurology at the University of L’Aquila who made known how the use of professional masks and protective glasses can actually cause the onset of migraines.

These are in fact due to head compression, reduced vision and difficulty in breathing. A problem that obviously you need to get used to and that you can try to solve by choosing masks with laces that are not too tight and that leave a better view.

The positive effects of the mask

Beyond the headaches, irritation and possible nickel reactions for underwire masks, this device has not only downsides. Allergy sufferers, for example, can go out more peacefully thanks to the possibility of the filter between themselves and the allergic substances.

Furthermore, the smog which is present in the air is less absorbed. Thus, in addition to protecting yourself from the Coronavirus, you can also keep away from other types of influences . One thing that Asians know well, who have always used to wear masks when they are unwell and everything in order to protect those around them.

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