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Can you lose weight while sleeping? 5 advice to slim down at night

Can you lose weight while sleeping? 5 advice to slim down at night

Although we are sleeping, our body keeps working and burns calories: here some advice to lose weight in your sleep!

Sleeping well is fundamental for many reasons, especially because it allows us to recharge our batteries and boost our energies for the next day. What if it is possible to use these activities to lose weight while sleeping? Actually, it is: just keep in mind some tricks.

How long should you sleep to lose weight?

Doctors always suggest to sleep well, not for too long but not for too short either, in order to be healthy. The same advice applies if you want to lose weight in your sleep. It is fundamental to rest for 7-8 hours, in order to balance the hormones that regulate hunger and fullness feeling (ghrelin and leptin).

How to calculate how many calories you lost while sleeping?

There is no unique formula for everyone. It depends on:

  • how long you slept;
  • your age (younger people have a quicker metabolism, therefore they lose weight more easily);
  • sex (women burn less calories in their sleep).

On average, at night you can burn about 50 calories per hour.

Losing weight in your sleep: 5 advice

There are some recommendations we can give you to increase the calorie burning during your sleep. However, this won’t be enough to give up on a healthy diet and exercise, but it will help you reaching your goal faster and keeping fit.

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  1. Eat a light dinner. The last meal of the day is fundamental: you should eat it at least 2/3 hours before going to bed, in order to let digestion do its work without interfering with your sleep. Your dinner should be quite light, rich in proteins and carbohydrates. The latter stimulates your thyroid, which is involved in regulating the metabolism.
  2. Watch your bedroom temperature. Is it true that sleeping in a cold room makes you lose weight? Actually, yes, because your body needs more energy to warm up, therefore it burns more calories. Just lower the temperature of one degree, it is enough.
  3. Follow the same routine. Do not change your habits before going to bed. Go to sleep at the same hour and do some relaxing activities before: a hot bath or a herbal tea are perfect! Avoid stimulating drinks!
  4. Turn off your phone. At least 1 hour before going to bed, turn off your computer and smartphone. Their light stimulates the brain and disturbs your sleep. It is a small sacrifice for a greater result.
  5. Exercise. It might seem a banal advice, but exercising helps losing weight at night, too. It was proved that during your sleep you can burn more calories if your muscle mass is bigger!

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