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Can you sunbathe after the vaccine? The opinion of doctors

woman in the sun

Is it possible to sunbathe after the vaccine? Let’s find out what doctors think and what are the guidelines in this regard.

With the arrival of summer and the vaccination campaign underway, more and more people are wondering if it is possible to sunbathe after the vaccine. After all, this is a legitimate doubt given that often when a certain cure (such as those based on cortisone) is carried out, the sun is contraindicated. So let’s try to deepen the topic more.

Sun after the vaccine: here’s what doctors say about it

Whether it’s the first or second dose, doubt about sun exposure after the vaccine seems to be rampant.

woman in the sun
woman in the sun

In this regard, doctors seem to be quite in agreement that sunbathing after the pfizer or other vaccine is not contraindicated. This, of course, applies to those who are well after the injection and do not suffer from problems of any kind. If the fever rises, the advice is obviously to stay at home. And the same is true for arm redness or other skin symptoms. In this case, in fact, exposing the clearly inflamed epidermis to the sun’s rays would be wrong.

Whether it is sunbathing after the modern vaccine, pfizer or others, then, it all depends on how you are and, of course, on any other treatments in place. The vaccine guidelines themselves, in fact, do not make any reference to problems related to sun exposure.

Another argument must be made instead for the feeding that both before and after the vaccine should be treated in order to make the body stronger.

Precautions to take when exposed to the sun

Obviously, even with the green light of the doctors, it is important to remember that the sun must always be taken with the right caution. It is therefore important not to expose yourself in the hottest hours and always do it with adequate protection . This obviously also applies in the case of a vaccine, a situation in which it is advisable to protect the area where the injection was made.

Given the possibility of raising the temperature, it is also preferable not to get too hot so as not to further increase the possible post vaccine fever.

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