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Let’s see how to strengthen our eyelashes and stimulate their growth by using castor oil and other natural methods.

Everyone dreams of having long, thick and curved lashes: that is why we often use the curler and the mascara. However, both these tools in the long run can ruin them and make them fall.

In order to strengthen our eyelashes, stimulate their growth and make them thicker, the best thing to do is to use old natural methods, the ones our grandmothers handed down. One of them is castor oil compresses. Let’s how to do it!

Strengthening your eyelashes: natural methods

Castor oil is extraordinary for our eyelashes, because it is rich in triglycerides and fatty acids. This substance is similar to keratin, which is contained in our skin, hair and eyelashes. For this reason, it helps strengthening and renewing them. Moreover, this oil creates on our skin, hair and eyelashes a protective hydrolipidic layer which prevents dehydration.

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In order to make your eyelashes stronger, thicker and darker and to stimulate their growth, you should apply castor oil every night, after having removed your makeup. You can use your fingers or a clean mascara wand.

Apply just a few drops and avoid them to go into your eyes, because it might burn. After a couple of weeks, you’ll notice your eyelashes will not fall that often and will be thicker.

Other remedies to strengthen your eyelashes

Another extraordinary compress to make your lashes stronger is made with aloe vera. Its gel nourishes and hydrates our skin, hair and eyelashes. You can apply it also on the area around your eyes. Make sure it is pure, without any perfumes, preservatives and other chemicals which might irritate your eyes.

Finally, in order to make your lashes stronger and avoid their fall, you should not use waterproof mascaras and you should remove your makeup every night, using an oily remover and without rubbing.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/viso-%C5%93il-guarda-ragazza-donna-2375075/

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