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Celery juice are fresh drinks suitable for consumption all the year. They can only be prepared with celery or in combination with fruit and other vegetables

Celery is a plant native to the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The sowing of the plants generally takes place in spring, however it is possible to delay until summer.

The use of this vegetable has long been known for its organoleptic characteristics and its beneficial qualities: there is evidence of its effectiveness as a diuretic, purifying, antihypertensive and toning. The good content of magnesium and potassium makes celery a good stimulant of the urinary system, to help eliminate excess fluids.

Celery juice benefits

Celery is a vegetable with low calories: a portion of 100 g brings only 16 kcal. It is also particularly rich in potassium and, especially in the leaves, in vitamin A, C, iron and calcium. Celery juice can be prepared using the stem and leaves: it is essential to choose an organically grown product.

Celery juice
Celery juice

Recipes of Celery Juice

Celery juice

Ingredients for 2 people:

200 g of celery heart;
40 g of celery leaves;
100 g of lemon.
Wash the celery and the leaves thoroughly. Cut into pieces and then collect in the centrifuge with the lemon. Operate the machine and then collect the juice in two glasses. Consumed immediately.

Celery juice is a good purifier and detoxifier: it is useful in case of water retention or after heavy meals, when it is necessary to consume detoxifying drinks and promote the purification of the body.

Celery, carrot, ginger and lemon juice

Ingredients for 2 people:

200 g of celery heart;
40 g of celery leaves;
200 g of carrots;
100 g of lemon;
10 g of fresh ginger.
Wash and cut the celery into pieces, peel the carrots and cut them roughly into pieces, peel the ginger. Collect all the ingredients in the centrifuge and operate. The juice must be consumed immediately.

This juice, in addition to being diuretic and remineralizing thanks to the good amount of celery, is also rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamin C. It is therefore particularly suitable for consumption during the cold season, when it is necessary to support our immune system.

Celery, cucumber and apple juice

Ingredients for 2 people:

200 g of celery heart;
200 g of cucumber;
200 g of fresh apples.
Wash and cut the celery, apple and cucumber into pieces. Collect all the ingredients in the centrifuge and then operate. Divide the juice obtained into two glasses and consume immediately.

This juice has excellent digestive qualities, so it is suitable to be consumed at the end of a meal. This centrifuge is suitable both to facilitate digestion after a particularly abundant meal, but also for daily consumption by those who suffer from slow digestion. The presence of the apple also helps to reduce the sensation of swelling caused by the fermentation of food.


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