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Celiac disease: you could get the vaccine to fight it!

Celiac disease: you could get the vaccine to fight it!

Celiac disease: experts are studying the first vaccine that might replace the gluten-free diet!

Experts are developing the first vaccine against celiac disease, called Nexvax2. Australian researchers at the Royal Melbourne Hospital are beginning its second phase of experimentation. However, experts say that, at the moment, the only cure is a strict gluten-free diet.

Researchers selected a sample of 150 people in Australia, New Zealand and the United States for further research. The ultimate goal would be protecting patients suffering from this deasease and from the negative effects caused by the intake of foods containing gluten.

Celiac disease: the gluten-free diet might end up thanks to the vaccine!

The purpose of the vaccine is to reprogram the lymphocytes T. These cells trigger the inflammatory reaction after a gluten intake. The shot should also be able to eliminate the inflammation at the base of this illness.

The study coordinator of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Jason Tye-Din, explained: “This experiment is important to obtain a clinical evidence of the efficacy of a treatment against celiac disease, in addition to the gluten-free diet“.

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Tye-Din also explained that currently the gluten-free diet is the only available treatment, even if it is difficult to follow. He added: “Even the most diligent patient can have side effects due due to an accidental exposure to gluten“.

Currently, the vaccine against celiac disease is still in a testing phase; experts do not know with certain if it will be valid or when and if it will be available. At the moment, the only possible solution remains a strict gluten-free diet. The testing phase will last for a while and the results may be uncertain. However, there are some tests to recognize the celiac disease, in order to start changing your diet.

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