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Centaurea minor, all the beneficial properties of this mythological plant


The minor centaurea has several properties. Among them we remember those healing, antifebrile and stimulants for the digestive system.

The minor knapweed, also known by the popular name of hunting fever, is a herbaceous plant that grows in Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. It can be sighted both by the sea and in the mountains, especially in meadows and grassy areas.

Centaurium erythraea , this is the scientific name, can reach fifty centimeters in height and has numerous small flowers at its top. The inflorescences are of a pinkish color, tending to purple. The plant is used in phytotherapy because of its beneficial properties: let’s find out.

The properties of the minor centaurea

In Phytotherapy, the minor knapweed is used as a whole, including flowers, after being dried . Its name derives from the healing properties it possesses: the centaur Chiron, in Greek mythology , had used the centaur to heal the wounds inflicted by Hercules.

Centaurea tincture
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Furthermore, as can be guessed from its popular name, the fever hunter would have febrifugal properties , capable of regulating body temperature and fighting fever (against which there are several natural remedies ).

Another highly appreciated property of the minor knapweed is the stimulating one. In particular, it stimulates digestive functions . Promotes hunger, helps digestion and activates taste receptors. However, it can have a slight purgative effect.

Uses and contraindications of the minor centaur

Although it also exists in the form of a mother tincture, the minor knapweed is usually consumed in the form of herbal tea . Making a Centaurea herbal tea is very simple. First of all, it is necessary to obtain the dried plant (flowering tops are preferable for digestion), also in powder form.

Once the powder is obtained, take a little spoonful of it and pour it in boiling water, after having already extinguished the fire. The recommended amount of water is one cup . The latter will be covered to leave the centaurea infused for a few minutes . If you are looking for digestive action, consume it after meals. To favor appetite, before meals.

Used appropriately, the minor knapweed does not lead to the development of side effects . However, it is good not to abuse it, as it leads to irritation of the digestive system , with consequent attacks of diarrhea and vomiting. Do not administer during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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