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Cervical headache: what it is and how to recognize it


Cervical headache: what it is, what are the most common symptoms and what needs to be done to treat it.

Cervical headache is one of the many types of headaches that exist. Often, however, due to the link between neck pain and headache it can be more difficult to recognize. So let’s find out what the symptoms are, why it occurs and how to remedy it .

Cervical headache: the symptoms that it is good to learn to recognize

This type of headache, also known as neck pain, is one of the symptoms you often suffer from when you have neck problems or when you suffer some trauma in this area of ​​the body.


Head and neck pain, in fact, are often linked and incorrect posture or a contracture can lead to pains such as migraine and neck pain. Pain that, in some cases, occur simultaneously and that in others can also arise separately despite having the same origin. But how to recognize cervical headache? Generally we start from the symptoms which are quite specific and can be summarized as follows:

– Headache on one side only.
– Pulsating pain.
– Feeling of nausea.
Vertigo .
– Poor eyesight.
– Poor tolerance of light sources.
– Numbness of arms and hands.
– Pain that occurs after physical activity.
– Neck pain at the same time.

What to do to prevent and treat neck pain in the best possible way

As mentioned, this type of headache can occur following trauma to the cervical tract. Among the most common causes, however, there is no lack of stress and cold. Also, in some cases, the problem may be due to poor posture. If the malaise occurs often, it is therefore advisable to contact your doctor to investigate the origins and find the most suitable treatment for your case.

Occasionally, however, hot chamomile compresses can be made in the area that hurts. Drinking relaxing herbal teas can also help stretch muscles. And, if you want, you can try to do some exercises to stretch the cervical tract. However, these are alternatives to add and not to replace those suggested by the doctor.

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