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Chai tea: what it contains and what its benefits are

Chai tea

Chai tea is an infusion based on black tea, spices and milk which proves to be an excellent digestive, antioxidant, energizing and slimming. Here are the spices that are needed to prepare it and all its benefits.

Chai tea is a type of tea whose origin dates back as far as 5,000 years ago . Its composition is very simple: it is a drink, in fact, which contains black tea, water, milk and a mix of spices . Its ingredients are simple, but require a precise dosage, to avoid that the taste of the spices is too strong. Obviously, however, you can adapt to your tastes.

Let’s find out more about this delicious drink!

How to make chai tea

The spices contained in chai tea are cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, cardamom seeds, fresh ginger and fennel seeds. To prepare it, bring the spices to a boil in a saucepan of water, boil them for two minutes and add the black tea .

After that it will be necessary to leave everything to infuse for 3/4 minutes and add the sweetened milk . Usually, the amount of milk to add is half that of water, but even here, it’s a matter of taste.

Chai tea
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Chai tea: benefits

The benefits of chai tea are plentiful. Being based on black tea, it will be an excellent stimulant and energizer , just like coffee. Be careful, therefore, not to take it in excessive doses. Excellent after a meal it has a digestive action and helps weight loss. It favors a better assimilation of fats.

The presence of antioxidants makes it a fabulous anti-aging and also shows a fantastic anti-inflammatory and pain reliever . Chai tea, in fact, is also recommended in case of menstrual or premenstrual pain.

In addition to not advising its immoderate use , it is not recommended to take it if you are taking particular drugs whose effect could be canceled by the spices present in the infusion. It is also not recommended to drink chai tea if you suffer from ulcers or gastric acidity.

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