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Chalazion, what are the symptoms of the cyst on the eyelid and how to get rid of it


Originating from an inflammatory process, the chalazion is a small cyst that affects the eyelids: let’s find out symptoms, causes and remedies.

Chalazion is the result of chronic inflammation affecting the meibomian glands. The latter are responsible for the production of the lipid component of tears .

An inflammation of these glands can in fact lead to the formation of a cyst , which can be of variable size, but reduced, and which is called chalazion. In today’s article we will find out what the symptoms, causes and possible treatments of this disorder are.

Chalazion symptoms

As stated earlier, chalazion is caused by chronic inflammation. This particular type of infection leads to the development of lipogranuloma or cyst .

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The cyst can develop on the outside of the eyelid (in this case we speak of supratarsal chalazion) or in its internal part (subtarsal). Usually, its presence causes pain, swelling and irritation on the eyelid. The pain is usually constant but bearable and is accompanied by a feeling of pressure on the eye. Among the symptoms also astigmatism (vision problems): it is generally caused by the pressure of the mass on the cornea of ​​the eye.

In some cases, the granuloma can harden . In fact, although the material inside can come out on its own, in some cases it could get stuck.

The possible causes

Chalazion is formed as a result of an inflammatory process that affects the meibomian glands . Their inflammation is in fact associated with a blockage of the leakage of the waste material. The pus and secretion produced will accumulate unnaturally, forming the cyst.

Although experts have been unable to find a certain cause behind this process, some of these factors are suspected of being a cause:

-Improper feeding;
– Constitution and inheritance;
-Problems in the intestine;
Excessive anxiety.

To prevent the development of this granuloma, it is advisable to pay attention to your diet and to maintain good eye hygiene . Furthermore, it is possible to cure anxiety thanks to the help of Bach flowers .

Chalazion remedies and therapy

In most cases, after an eye examination , patients are given an ointment or medication that will help reduce the inflammatory process. This will encourage the natural outflow of pus and resolve the problem.

However, in some (relatively rare) cases the chalazion hardens and becomes blocked . When this happens, it is necessary to resort to a surgical operation . During the operation, the anesthetized eyelid will be cut and the cyst will be removed. In the following days, the doctor may prescribe the use of eye drops. It will also be necessary to go to the hospital after a few days to have the stitches removed.

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