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Chamomile essential oil, relaxing but not only: let’s find out

Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile essential oil, an essence rich in beneficial properties: it has relaxing, balancing effects and much more.

Often known for its use in relaxing herbal teas , chamomile is also able to provide us with a precious essential oil. The essence is obtained from the herbaceous plant of the same name, also known by the scientific name of Matricaria chamomilla.

Matricaria is a plant of Greek origin , in fact its name derives from this language. Chamomilla would mean soil apple , nickname due to its smell. Nowadays, this plant grows in different areas of Europe and Asia and can reach half a meter in height.

Chamomile essential oil has many beneficial properties and can be used in various situations.

Chamomile essential oil, the properties

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Chamomile essential oil can have several beneficial effects on those who use it. To begin with, this essence, like the herbal tea obtained from the same plant, is an excellent calming . Relax and improve your mood , both in anger and in sadness. In addition, thanks to its relaxing properties, it can improve the quality of sleep .

In addition, it is an essential oil that is friendly to the digestive system . It improves digestion, reduces abdominal bloating and helps to inflammate. However, this anti-inflammatory power does not just act on the stomach: it also helps muscles and joints, proving to be an excellent pain reliever .

In conclusion, as happens for many essences, chamomile essential oil has antiseptic properties and contributes to the well-being of the skin.

Uses and contraindications for chamomile essential oil

When we use this oil, we can do it in three different ways. First, we can take it for internal use . This will have a relaxing and balancing mood effect and will help digestion. To do this, it is necessary to take two drops , preferably in a teaspoon of olive oil or sugar.

The second method is to use it as a massage oil . To get it, dilute a couple of drops in about 15ml (which roughly correspond to a kitchen spoon ) of vegetable oil. What has been obtained can be used to combat pain and inflammation.

Last, but not least, hiring by air . By spreading the essence in the environment through a diffuser of aromas and essential oils, you will obtain excellent effects on mood and reduce anxieties and stress.

At the recommended doses there are no side effects . However, it is good to avoid it during pregnancy and in case of serious intestinal problems, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

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