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Cheat meal: what it means and why it matters

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The cheat meal is a term that is used to indicate the “sgarro” during the diet. Let’s find out how it works and why it is recommended.

When following a diet, the desire for normally prohibited food grows with the passing of the days until it becomes so unbearable that it almost always leads to a food rudeness. For this reason, more and more diets are contemplating one cheal meal per week. That is, a free meal in which to eat what you want most and then resume the diet with more strength and determination than before. To ensure that the cheat meal does not turn into something deleterious, however, it is important to fully understand it and, above all, learn to manage it.

Cheat meal: how it works and what to eat

The cheat meal is a free and carefree meal in which to eat the food you want most and all in order to satisfy the need for less healthy foods than usual.


Generally it can be a dessert after a meal, a cappuccino with brioche for breakfast or a pizza to eat for dinner with friends. What matters is to always keep in mind that it is a single meal and not an entire day in which to eat everything you want.

In fact, if followed correctly, the cheat meal makes it possible not to compromise the results of the diet, while making it more bearable.

Cheat meal: because it is good

Choosing to include cheat meals in your diet has more than one positive effect. In addition to being good for the mood and satisfying the desire for more caloric foods than those you usually eat, it helps not to slow down the metabolism . By eating a pizza a week, the intake of calories will not lead to weight gain but will stimulate the metabolism and this will ensure that this does not slow down due to the diet.

In addition, more and more studies show that, thanks to the cheat meal, it is possible to shake the diet, breaking any stalemate periods and helping to recover with weight loss . What matters is not to overdo it and not to lose sight of the final goal, that is to get back in shape (and in good health) without sacrificing taste and social life.

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