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Chestnuts, what a pleasure for the palate! But why do they swell?


In autumn, we cannot help but talk about one of the most inviting fruits that this period gives us: the delicious chestnuts. But why do they sometimes swell our bellies?

Among the best fruits of autumn there are certainly chestnuts, tasty and tasty. Contrary to what many believe, if consumed in moderation, they do not contain many calories, and do not make you fat ; on the contrary, they bring various beneficial substances. They are rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese – perfect for those who play sports. Furthermore, they are rich in starches and fibers and particularly suitable for guaranteeing intestinal mobility.

In this regard, do you happen to feel swollen after eating them, resulting in flatulence? All normal, rest assured: you are not intolerant to chestnuts, it is all the fault of the natural composition of these fruits. Let’s find out more about this phenomenon (which affects everyone!).

Why do chestnuts give gas in the belly?

The air in the belly with abdominal swelling following a chestnut based snack depends on the fact that these fruits have several oligosaccharides inside them.

Our body can’t digest these complex carbohydrates properly and that’s where the gut bacteria have to do it.


How to avoid this problem?

The trick? Always eat them cooked and without exaggerating : in this way no gas, no stomach ache and no intestinal borborygmas!

In order not to give up the unstoppable desire for roasted chestnuts, therefore, just be careful to give up the daily portion of bread , or reduce the amount of pasta of the day. In this way you can easily treat yourself to some chestnuts; the important thing is not to go beyond the typical bag of roasted chestnuts!

Furthermore, some boiled chestnuts in a weight loss diet can only be good for intestinal mobility. Obviously, those who want to lose weight must stay away from appetizing sweets, jams and delicious recipes based on chestnuts , chestnuts and exquisite marron glacé .

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