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Chia seeds for weight loss: why and how to take them

Chia seeds

Chia seeds for weight loss. A help from nature to stay healthy and lose weight.

Taking chia seeds for weight loss is one of the natural ways to lose weight and should be included in the diet of anyone who wants to come back or keep fit. In fact, these are seeds rich in nutritional properties which also include slimming ones. Considered by many to be a super food, they come from Mexico and have been used a lot by us for some years now, both to stay healthy and to lose weight.

Do chia seeds make you fat?

Chia seeds
Chia seeds

Often, when one approaches these foods, one finds oneself wondering about the risk of gaining weight. Looking at the simple nutritional table you will notice that they are high in calories and also contain different fats . However, it is a food that should never be taken in high doses and that acts on the metabolism in such a way as to facilitate weight loss rather than the other way around. What matters is sticking to the normally suggested dose which is one or two tablespoons a day, preferably taken in the morning with breakfast.

Chia seeds , in fact, can be eaten both in yogurt and in salads for lunch and, of course, can be added to various types of preparations. Which makes them a rather simple food to include in everyday nutrition .

Chia seeds slimming properties

But what exactly are the slimming properties of chia seeds? First of all it must be considered that chia seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals. In particular, they contain vitamins A, of groups B, C, E and K. Which makes them valid allies of the immune system. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, they are good for the heart, fight free radicals and promote the well-being of the organism , which helps the metabolism to be more functional.

Added to this is the presence of fibers that help the intestine to work better thus leading to purify itself of excess waste. And, in addition, they keep blood sugar levels low. This is very important to keep insulin and therefore weight at bay.

Finally, chia seeds, in addition to satiating quickly, help metabolize fats and burn them faster . Which is why they are advisable when following a diet.

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