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It’s chic, original and amazing: here’s some tips for a glittery make-up!

It's chic, original and amazing: here's some tips for a glittery make-up!

The glittery make-up is perfect for the evening: here’s what to know about it and, especially, how to do it fast and easy!

Make up varies according to the season, but the glittery make-up is perfect all year round. It definitely makes the eye heavier, so it would be better to avoid it when it’s hot. However, it is one of those make-up you have to try at least once in your life. Chic, original and amazing: the glittery make-up is easy to do and, most importantly, fast.

The first thing to do is to  understand what kind of glitter to use. Always buy lightweight and fine products, so as not to add too much weight on your eyes. After you have chosen the perfect texture for the occasion, you need a flat brush with synthetic bristles to apply the product on the eyelid. Let’s find out how to do the glittery make-up!

How to do the glittery make-up

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After collecting the right tools for your glittery make-up, you can start. First of all, you need to apply the make-up on the eye as you most like, you can start for example with a black pencil. Then, choose the eyeshadow colors you want to use: always try to create a gradient effect, so your make-up will be as original as possible. To give light to your make-up, do not forget to apply white glitter on the inner corner of your eye.

Once done this, put on the eyeliner. Finally, you can apply the glitter you want to on the eyelid. Gently, use the brush to put them where you want. You can choose to apply it just on one part of the eyelid, or cover it entirely.

Do not forget to put mascara in a perfect way so your lashes will be long and voluminous. Finish with a cold shade matte lipstick. Avoid lip gloss or shiny lipsticks!

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