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Cholesterol: the foods to avoid to stay healthy

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To stay healthy, when it comes to cholesterol, the foods to avoid are different. Let’s find out what they are to keep this molecule in the norm.

Those who suffer from cholesterol higher knows how the first indication that is provided by your doctor always is to avoid foods that increase cholesterol. A statement that is always a bit difficult to deal with as there are so many foods with cholesterol and many of them are among those we are used to eating every day. Fortunately, just organize themselves to find a balance and start eating healthily, learning all about cholesterol and what to avoid in order to maintain the low values.

Cholesterol: what not to eat

We all know that in order to live well and keep cholesterol values ​​low (especially bad cholesterol), it is important to eat healthily, including whole grains , fruits, vegetables and foods considered normally healthy. But what are the foods to avoid for high cholesterol? Let’s find out together the most dangerous:

– Red meat
– Sausages
– Offal
– Fatty dairy products
– Yogurt and whole milk
– Vegetable fats and oils
– Alcohol
– Sugar
– Snacks
– Packaged products
– Refined flours

In recent times, the eggs that until recently were considered off limits have been exonerated, being among the foods that can be included in moderation as long as they are of biological origin . This is still controversial for some doctors. This is why it is always better to ask your doctor before inserting them.

How to protect yourself from bad cholesterol

In addition to avoiding the most harmful foods, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. Play sports , eat at regular times, get the right hours of sleep and avoid smoking. These simple rules, together with a healthy diet free of harmful fats, are the first way to help yourself in the fight against cholesterol and especially in the fight against bad cholesterol (LDL), which has always been considered dangerous for the heart and health in general.

In the case of hypercholesterolemia, it is therefore advisable to always seek the advice of a doctor and be followed by a nutritionist to obtain a correct diet including all the essential macronutrients to stay healthy.

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