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Christmas 2021 will be a warm embrace in a scarf, a timeless gift idea

Scottish patterned scarf

Never underestimate the power of a must have, even when it comes to gifts! And scarves are that accessory that, in the face of indecision, dissolve all doubts.

Days of Christmas shopping , where gifts are the order of the day. If we have postponed over and over again because we are undecided about what to buy among something we like but that we have not caught in promotion and with a limited budget, it is really difficult to afford to go beyond. But don’t worry, because sometimes to get the right gift you just need to appeal to the now old saying of less is more , and go back to timeless gifts like scarves. With them, chosen with accuracy, good taste and a certain dose of imagination , you can be sure you are never wrong!

Christmas Gifts 2021: rediscover the beauty and warmth of scarves, from crochet to customizable ones

Why is the scarf precious? Because exactly like a bag it is a basic accessory that can enhance and turn any look , and that’s why give a versatile model if you don’t know the recipient’s tastes well or a scarf that contains one or more colors that you know how to love from whoever will receive the gift , it means having found the perfect gift! On coats, casual looks, but also elegant or chic, the scarf is that accessory that will never be too much.

– You can rely on the latest trends by focusing on crochet models : the pandemic in fact certainly reminded us of the pleasure of handmade, bringing to light the ancient art of knitting, the one with which grandmothers have made scarves for years, sweaters and cardigans, always trendy. Must have of the Dolce and Gabbana catwalks, the long and oversized tricot version seems to be one of the most popular models currently, to be worn also as shawls to wrap around the coat . You can find many ideas on Instagram, starting with the very soft models by Laura Baresi Knit Design .

– And if, on the other hand, you really want to amaze and give a scarf that talks about who will receive it, rely on the quality and beauty of Falconeri cashmere: among the many scarves to choose from, which you can also find at a smart and cheap price, there is also the possibility of making a scarf that can be completely customized in the stores and online, from the fabric to the decorations.

Designer and designer scarves: Gucci, Mantero 1902, Brunello Cucinelli

If the gift to be given is intended for an important person and are looking for something that combines elegance, refinement and a designer touch, you can only focus on designer scarves. If you want a model that favors fabric, you can only rely on Brunello Cucinelli cashmere : in shiny, knitted, woven or diamond silk cashmere , you are spoiled for choice.

– But if your gift is intended for a fashion addicted, the answer is Gucci : this year the brand focuses on classic bicolor scarves embellished with a jacquard knit logo and decorated with tassels. An essential model that releases all the allure of the brand with care and attention to detail.

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Tradition, elegance and innovation meet instead in the latest models of the historic brand Mantero 1902 which revisits the scarf in a padded stole with one side in wool and one in silk. A perfect accessory for champions in original accessories. Therefore, in addition to tastes, pay attention to the personality of those who will receive the gift: it will certainly help you choose the perfect scarf!

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