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Christmas make-up: how to make the perfect holiday make-up

Christmas tree eye makeup

Find out how to make a Christmas make-up that best suits the holidays. The rules to follow in order not to make mistakes and to feel in the right mood.

When the holidays are approaching, one of the most recurring thoughts is to make a good Christmas make-up. Something that can enhance beauty and convey a sense of celebration without being excessive. A real undertaking that with the right precautions it is still possible to put into practice, even being able to count on several options to choose from.

What matters is to always focus on simplicity , stay true to yourself and your style and add that extra touch to everything that will make the difference. So let’s find out how to make a good Christmas makeup both for the day and for the evening.

Perfect Christmas makeup: tips to make it happen

If you too are among those who are so in the mood for the holidays at Christmas that they want to scream at the world: makeup is certainly a good way to do it.

christmas eye makeup
christmas eye makeup

If you take care of that for every day, however, it is necessary to find the right middle ground between a light make-up and at the same time themed with the holiday period. The most suitable solution is therefore to focus on light tones, daring a little with the bright or, if you really feel in the mood, inserting here and there a few touches of typically Christmas color.

You can then start with the usual base to which to add an illuminating eyeshadow (even with some rhinestones or some adhesive stars to add in the eye area) and to be accompanied with a red and glossy lipstick . In this way you will keep it simple without losing that extra something that can help you get even more into the Christmas mood.

The trick for Christmas and party evenings: the effects on which to bet

Among the many Christmas tricks we must not forget that of the evening of Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

sapling eye makeup
sapling eye makeup

In these specific moments, in fact, you can be more daring and to do so you can focus everything on your eyes. A red eyeshadow to blend with a beautiful gold will be more than enough to give the party feeling you want to recreate.

And, if you want to do more, you can add small colored rhinestones also in order to recreate ice stars or Christmas trees. If you want to exaggerate, you can also devote yourself to eyebrow makeup , making even these more Christmas.

Obviously you can play with colors, also opting for blue and white or the very classic green . What matters is to dose everything and finish with a little mascara and a lipstick which in this case will be preferred in the same shade of the lips but with a lot of gloss.

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