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Christmas: people decorating their homes in advance are happier, but homesick!

Christmas: people decorating their homes in advance are happier, but a bit homesick!

People who decorate their homes for Christmas in advance are happier, but at the same time a little nostalgic.

There are two opposing sides when it comes to Christmas season: people who love it and can not wait to decorate the whole house and those who hate it. However, Christmas lovers who start decorating their homes in November are happier.

However, there is a little melancholy in it. This period reminds us of our late family members. Moreover, decorations bring us back childhood memories.

Christmas: people decorating the tree and the house in advance are happier!

A lot of people start preparing the tree and the decorations in advance. This happens because after Halloween and Thanksgiving, shops already expose Christmas ornaments.

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In the streets there already are many decorations. That is why, from November, it grows the desire to fill the house with balls, garlands, stars and silver or gold pine cones. According to experts, people starting to decorate in advance are much more happy and carefree. Moreover, they also remind their childhood better than those who do not.

Psychologist Steve McKeown said: “In a world full of stress and anxiety, people love remembering all the things that made them happy. Christmas decorations evoke these strong feelings related to childhood“.

However, this period also brings nostalgia. This happens because our memories are tied to this holiday and to the beautiful feelings related to our beloved ones.

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