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Chromotherapy: find out the meaning and uses of blue

Chromotherapy: find out the meaning and uses of blue

What does the color blue mean in color therapy and how to use it to enjoy its positive effects on body and mind?

Chromotherapy is an alternative therapy based on the use of colors to heal different diseases. Even though it lacks scientific confirmation, this therapy is used since ancient times. Also, many people seem to take advantage from it. Of course, to heal from any disease, you need proper medical care. However, it seems that colors, used in the right way, can have a positive influence.

According to this therapy, each color has a meaning, brings certain benefits and should be used in a certain way. One of the most appreciated colors is blue, in all its shades, which helps to give calm and serenity. Let’s see in detail what its benefits are and how to use it.

Blue chromotherapy: meaning and uses of this color

colore blu

In chromotherapy, blue symbolizes calm, harmony and emotional balance. In addition, it increases the sensitivity. This color also gives inner peace, fulfillment and tranquility, but it is also typical of depression, sadness, and stress. From the physical point of view, however, it slows down the heart rate and your breathing and lowers the blood pressure.

Blue is the color connected to the fifth chakra, the Vishudda, which is located at the center of the throat. It is a symbol of femininity and stillness. In Chinese medicine, it is a yin color and is related to immortality. It is associated with the geometric shape of a circle. It represents the eternal movement of the spirit and, at the same time, calm and dynamism.

There are many uses of this color: it is great to help fighting skin problems like itching, but also fever, insomnia, colics, diarrhea, toothache, migraine, palpitations, sore throat, eye inflammations, menstrual pains, and kidney diseases.

To benefit from its properties, you an eat blue foods, such as eggplant, blueberries, blackberries, plums, black grape and radicchio. Alternatively, it is useful to use blue clothes, living in rooms with blue walls or use light blue lamps.

Chromotherapy: electric blue and other shades

Many people wonder what shade of blue to use in colour therapy. In general, all its shades have a beneficial effect, although it is preferable to choose more intense ones, for example electric blue.


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