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Chromotherapy: the meaning of yellow and how to use it to get better

Chromotherapy: the meaning of yellow and how to use it to get better

What does yellow mean according to color therapy and how to use it in your daily routine to benefit from its properties?

In chromotherapy, an alternative therapy that uses the power of colors, yellow is a symbol of vitality and energy. Ancient Egyptians thought it represented the god of the Sun, and therefore vitality and strength. In China, yellow is associated to Buddha and the holiness.

Yellow is the color of the sunshine, light and day. According to chromotherapy, it is the perfect shade to treat anxiety and depression. Let’s see in details all its benefits and how to use it.

Chromotherapy: the meaning of the yellow

cromoterapia giallo

Yellow is connected to the third chakra, Manipura, the one of the solar plexus, which is located two fingers above the navel. The third chakra is the center of a person’s will and reminds of fire, a symbol of heat, energy and light. Therefore, yellow is an expression of energy and life strength.

This color also encourages the search of something new. Chromotherapy uses it to fight depression, apathy, and, more in general, psychophysical problems. Yellow stimulates the brain functions and concentration, improving the mood.

This color can improve stomach functions, counteract the loss of appetite and anorexia and combat neuralgia and fever. Finally, it helps purifying the body from toxins through the liver and the intestine. However, there are also some side effects. Excessive exposure to yellow can cause irritability and nervousness.

Of course, remember that it is not possible to cure any disease by simply using colors, because color therapy is an alternative medicine with no scientific value. In any case, the exposure to certain colors seems to have positive and negative effects on the psyche.

How to use yellow in chromotherapy

As for all colors, yellow can be used in various ways. For example, you can spend time in a room with yellow walls, or you can use bathtubs and showers with colored lights designed for color therapy. Alternatively, it is possible to wear clothes and eat food of this color.


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