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Chromotherapy: what it is and how it works

Chromotherapy: what it is and how it works

Let’s find out together what it is and how it works this therapy which heals with colors.

Colour therapy, or chromotherapy, is an alternative medicine practiced since ancient times, which is based on the use of colours to heal physical, mental and emotional illnesses.

Although there are no scientific studies confirming the effectiveness of this therapy, it is undeniable that colors affect our mood and, consequently, our welfare. Let’s see in detail the principles on which chromotherapy is based.

Color therapy: what is it?


As we mentioned above, this therapy uses colors, or, better, the effects of colors on our body, to heal disorders of various nature, from physical to psychological. Of course, it is not possible to cure diseases only with them, since there is no scientific evidence to confirm their effectiveness.

This therapy has very ancient origins: Egyptians, Greeks and Romans believed that heliotherapy, or the exposure to sunlight, was able to heal. Similar powers were attributed to the colors that, as we now know, are the visual perception of the electromagnetic radiations of the solar spectrum.

In India, ayurvedic medicine claims that colors influence the various chakras, and then the balance of the body. Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine has always used the power of colors.

Color therapy: how it works

Chromotherapy uses colours to re-establish the balance of the body. In particular, it exploits the chromatic vibrations to restore the energy balance. According to this theory, when the human body is struck by color irradiations, it absorbs its electromagnetic waves and the fluctuations allow the body cells  to regain harmony.

Colours, then, have an oscillatory nature, which influences the human body cells. According to this theory, since illnesses are caused by disharmony of the vibration rhythm of the cells, the color oscillations could heal them.

Chromotherapy: meaning of colors

According to this therapy, each color has a precise meaning and effect on the body. In particular:

green is a symbol of nature, harmony, hope and balance. It gives harmony and calm. You can use it to fight migraine and other diseases of the nervous system;

red symbolizes fire, blood, and sensual passion. In color therapy, it is used to raise the blood pressure, cure rashes and burns, to combat impotence, depression and respiratory diseases;

blue is a symbol of calm and tranquility. You can use it to fight stress, anxiety and insomnia;

yellow symbolizes the intellectual force. It encourages concentration and gives joy and happiness. Also, it is useful to eliminate the toxins;

orange, which is a mix of red and yellow, has a liberating action on the mind. It gives enthusiasm, joy and optimism. At a physical level, you can use it to treat the thyroid and the spleen.

Chromotherapy: how do you use it?

Practicing color therapy is very simple. First of all, you can expose yourself to the sunlight to absorb the energy of all the colors.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to wear the most suitable color for you, or to eat fruits and vegetables of that color.

You can take a bath in colored water or a massage with colored oils, based on natural pigments. Finally, you can buy special shower lights to use for color therapy.


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