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There are so many reasons to be angry, but if it happens too often it could be a real problem. Here are the most common causes of chronic anger and some suggestions to cure it.

Do you often feel angry with the whole world without reason? Or maybe someone you know is always grumpy but you can’t understand why? Sometimes, anger is a symptom of an inner discomfort, and it is not easy to bring it to light. However, here there are some suggestions to control anger outbursts, especially when they are too frequent.

Chronic anger, what it is

There are people who live in a constant state of anger. It seems anger is their only way to communicate with the world. This is not a positive attitude, because grumpiness only attract anger from people you talk to.

Of course, it is important to distinguish a simple outburst from a pathological state. Losing your temper in certain situations is normal and even healthy, as it allows to vent feelings and to release tension and stress.

However, reacting only with anger, even with people we love, is bad. In the long run, this attitude can stop all your personal relations. Think of a partner who is always angry, and snaps at you at every opportunity. Wouldn’t you lose your temper, too?

Causes of chronic anger

At the base of one’s emotional state such as pathological anger, there are often depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction. Maybe yoy feel angry all the time because you just can’t accept yourself or because you feel insecure and prefer attacking, in order to hide your fears.

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Maybe you are not satisfied with your life, or you feel guilty for a mistake you’ve made. People experience this feelings at least once in their lives. Sometimes, they lead to anger outbursts which may seem completely unmotivated.

Depression and not feeling good about themselves are the first causes of pathological anger. You should try and solve the problem at the base, rather than suppressing the only way you have to vent your feelings.

How to cure pathological anger

Getting rid of this problem for good is not easy. Probably, the best advice is to see a psychotherapist, who will tell you the right techniques to solve your inner conflicts.

However, there are some very useful tips to control your outbursts. First, it is important to learn to recognize the symptoms that typically precede the fit. Once aware of the warning signals, it will be easier to try and control the crisis.

It can be useful to learn some relaxation and breathing techniques, to practise when you notice the first signs of anger. Moreover, if you feel you’re bursting, take a break and get away from everything that makes you feel bad.

Finally, it is crucial to learn how to express your emotions. In this way, you can vent your feelings without having an outburst.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/rabbia-impotenza-l-oppressione-2728273/

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