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Cinnamon essential oil: its benefits and how to use it

Cinnamon essential oil: its benefits and how to use it

This product is an actual cure-all for our joints and mood. It is also very efficient to eliminate moths and scent your rooms.

Cinnamon essential oil is used both in aromatherapy and for draining massages. It is many benefits on our mood, too. It helps easing sadness and loneliness.

There are two types of this products: one coming from the tree bark, and the other from its leaves. The first one is stronger and it is used in aromatherapy and to scent rooms. Do not use this type of essential oil for massages or for internal use.

The most suitable product to use on the skin is the one coming from cinnamon leaves. It’s more gentle and you can dilute it with normal oil.

Cinnamon essential oil: benefits

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Aromatherapy uses this product to give a warm feeling to body and places, easing upsetting situations. Moreover, cinnamon essential oil can ease sadness, bad mood and rigidities. This essential oil also works as an anti-moth product, other than helping disinfecting your house from bacteria and viruses.

Cosmetics mainly uses this product for massages. Mixed with normal oil or other massaging creams, it is perfect to stimulate the lymphatic system. Moreover, cinnamon essential oil also benefits our joints.

If you use it to massage legs, ankles, feet and neck, it will help relaxing your muscles and give relief in case of joint and muscles stiffness.

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