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Circulation problems: what it is, what are the symptoms and how to remedy it

leg massage

Having circulation problems is one of the most common situations. Let’s find out how to understand it from the symptoms and what to do to remedy it.

We talk about circulation problems when the blood does not flow normally or does not arrive correctly and with the right pressure in certain areas of the body. A problem that anyone can suffer from, but which occurs more frequently in women. For this reason it is very important to learn to recognize the symptoms immediately, in order to intervene in time and to avoid the consequences which, in cases of poor circulation, not properly treated, can also be heavy.

Circulation problems: the symptoms that it is important to learn to recognize

Having poor circulation comes with a whole host of symptoms that are fairly easy to recognize.

leg massage
leg massage

They range from general fatigue , tingling in various parts of the body (a symptom also known for raynaud’s syndrome ), to dizziness. In case of poor circulation in the legs, however, you can have pain, feeling of heavy legs and cellulite .

Going to the most common causes there are instead a sedentary lifestyle , too much heat, tight clothes, long journeys by plane, excess salt in the diet, smoking, advancing age and cholesterol.

If left untreated, circulation problems can lead to swelling of the affected limbs, varicose veins, ulcers, digestive problems and even more serious situations. For this reason, in the presence of suspicious symptoms, it is always good to ask your doctor for an opinion and act in time.

How to improve circulation the easy way

If you don’t have any existing pathologies, circulation can be improved in many different ways. The first is certainly to control nutrition by decreasing salt and fats and increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables which will also be associated with good hydration. Physical activity can also do a lot and in particular walking.

To all this we can add some remedies. Among these the most common are aloe vera or gotu kola. It can also be of great help to sleep with a pillow under your legs, avoid sitting too long and in uncomfortable positions and always try to massage yourself in the most critical points. With these precautions and always following the doctor’s directions , poor circulation can be treated easily.


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