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Closely spaced pregnancies? Why you should wait at least 1 year

Closely spaced pregnancies? Why you should wait at least 1 year

There are many moms who dream of having two or more children close in age. However, it is better to wait a bit before attempting another pregnancy.

Closely spaced pregnancies can be a risk for both the mother and the child, and not only for those who has undergone a Cesarean section. There are families who prefer to have children over a short period of time, so they do not have to live the baby food and nappies period again. Yet, according to science, it would be better to wait about 12-18 months between one pregnancy and another.

Closely spaced pregnancies are dangerous

When they think about their biological clock, some women panick. That is why they start trying for a second (or third, fourth…) child, just a few months after the birth. This is more common among older mothers. That’s beacuse they fear for their fertility and the risks associated with a pregnancy at a late age.

However, hurrying might not always be a good idea. Researchers have found the minimum time you should wait between one pregnancy and the other, to reduce risks for mother and child. This period of time varies from 12 to 18 months.

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A study conducted by dr. Lara Schummers of the University of British Columbia has collected datas of almost 150.000 closely spaced pregnancies and analized the medical records of mothers and infants. The results shown that pregnant women who waited only 6 months to have another child are much more likely to encounter adverse events.

Risks of closely spaced pregnancies

What are the dangers of closely spaced pregnancies? The risk of death and disease for women who got pregnant only 6 months after giving birth increases by 1.2%. Instead, waiting 18 months reduces this risk of 0.5%. Similarly, the risk of a preterm birth is greater of 8.5% at 6 months after the first birth, whereas after 18 months it decreases of 3.7%.

The study, published in “Jama Internal Medicine”, states it is better to wait at least a year between one pregnancy and another. A woman’s body needs time to recover before undergoing another period of stress.

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