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Cloth mask: truth about the effectiveness of the fabric protection device

Cloth masks

The cloth mask is an individual protection device which, according to France and Berlin, does not seem to be effective for all variants of Covid.

With the coronavirus increasingly rapidly expanding, it is necessary to take all possible measures to try to limit infections. The best way to do this is undoubtedly to stay at home , absolutely avoiding going to crowded places. Unfortunately, there are situations where it is not possible to stay indoors. In these cases, there is a tool that helps reduce the chances of infecting other people: the mask. The cloth mask does not seem to protect against the known variants of Covid, or at least that’s what France and Germany claim.

Let’s find out if the cloth masks are safe, or if you always have to replace them with surgical or certified ones from Europe.

Cloth mask or community mask?

Can the cloth mask in Italy be included in community masks? Community masks are also defined by the Ministry of Health on the official website as masks that: “have the purpose of reducing the circulation of the virus in daily life and are not subject to particular certifications. Neither medical devices nor personal protective equipment should be considered, but a hygienic measure useful for reducing the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus “ .

These are therefore masks made with washable materials that withstand temperatures of 60 degrees and can also be made at home as illustrated by the ISS in an infographic .

Are cloth masks always safe?

Although the Italian Ministry of Health defines them as useful for reducing the spread of Covid-19 , according to the health authorities of Germany and France they would not be safe to combat the known variants of the virus and, for this reason, they advised the population to use only the surgical or KN95-FFP2 masks.

The English variants, found in Brazil and South Africa, are in fact highly contagious and for this reason the French experts have advised to double the social distancing to two meters. The Haut Conseil de Santé publique (High Council for Public Health) has announced, as reported on Tgcom24 , that reusable cloth masks do not guarantee protection against variants.

Even in Germany, fabric masks have been questioned and, after the announcement of the hard lockdown until February 14, 2021, it was decided not to allow fabric masks on buses, subways or in shops precisely to counteract the most contagious ones. variants of Covid.

DIY cloth mask, the necessary materials

However, if you would like to prepare some fabric masks at home, you need to get some materials . First, we need to get the fabric . One piece will be enough. The dimension? At least twenty 20cm by 40cm. After that, get yourself a ruler or tape measure and scissors .

In addition, it will be advisable to obtain everything you need for sewing : needle and thread or, if you have one, the sewing machine. Finally, get some rubber bands . As these will be the support that will allow you to wear the mask, it is advisable to use fabric elastics, of the kind usually used for sewing.

How to make a DIY coronavirus mask

Making a DIY cloth mask is easier than you might think. To begin, take the piece of fabric and cut out two squares with one side of 20cm from it.

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After doing this, insert the rubber bands from both sides , remembering that they will go behind the ears to support the mask. Consequently, the length of the elastic will vary from person to person. You need to insert a rubber band on each side, with the two ends at the corners of the square , about an inch or two from the edge.

Then, lay the fabric on a flat surface with the side from which the rubber bands were attached facing up . Place the other square of fabric on it, matching all the edges. Once this is done, sew all four sides and the mask will be ready to be used.

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