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Coffee is not just in the cup: here are some ideas for alternative uses

Italian coffee

Much more than a drink for us Italians, coffee represents a moment of sharing, conviviality, an excuse to meet with others or simply to take a break from daily activities.

One thing that perhaps many do not know, however, is that coffee is not only good to drink but can also be used for other purposes. These numerous properties allow us not to waste even a bean and to reuse the coffee grounds that otherwise we will have thrown in the trash.

Its alternative uses mainly concern both personal and home care.

Italian coffee

Beauty and health

Caffeine makes you healthy and beautiful! In fact, coffee can be used for:

  1. Fighting cellulite: by mixing coffee with almond oil it is possible to obtain a homemade cream to apply on the skin. According to some studies, in fact, caffeine is an excellent natural remedy that acts in favor of circulation.
  2. Dye and make hair brighter: when diluted with water, coffee can be an excellent hair care product. By applying it and letting it act for a few minutes, it is possible to cover white hair and thus obtain splendid natural reflections.
  3. Prepare a skin scrub: natural remedies are always the best because they respect the well-being of the skin more. Creating a coffee-based body scrub cream is super simple. Just mix a tablespoon of olive oil with the coffee powder and massage the mixture on your body before showering.
  4. Fighting Halitosis: It seems strange to say but coffee can help us with bad breath problems. According to some studies, coffee beans contain some substances that are able to counteract the formation of gases of digestive bacteria that cause halitosis.
  5. Fighting headaches: coffee is a vasoconstrictor and as such can help relieve some types of headaches, if combined with lemon, its action will be even faster.

Domestic uses

Coffee can also be an excellent ally for home care. Let’s see how:

  1. Deodorant for the refrigerator: the coffee powder has the ability to absorb bad smells. Fill a bowl with coffee, place it in the fridge and say goodbye to unpleasant smells.
  2. Compost for plants: coffee has numerous fertilizing properties and for this reason it can be used to enrich your compost and have stronger and more beautiful plants.
  3. Cleaning the fireplace: if you have a fireplace then coffee is for you. Cleaning the chimney from ash residues can be a difficult task, especially since the ash tends to spread everywhere. Arranging the coffee grounds on the ash makes it easier to remove it, preventing it from settling elsewhere.
  4. Wood Furniture Dye: Coffee can be a natural dye for your wood furniture. Just dip a brush in a cup of instant coffee and apply it on the damaged surfaces until you get the desired shade.
  5. Keep the ants away. how many of us are often plagued by the plague of ants trying to sneak into the pantries. Thanks to coffee it is possible to fight these small insects as it has been discovered that its smell is not to their liking. The secret is to sprinkle some coffee at the access points to the house.

Coffee is an invaluable resource but if you are a purist and think that drinking it is the best solution to appreciate it, choose from the Nespresso products available from Il Caffè Italiano and you will be able to taste a variety of unique blends and flavors.

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