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Coffee stimulates … the intestine: that’s why

Cup of coffee

Coffee is a drink rich in properties. Among the many there is also that of stimulating the intestine. Let’s find out why it happens.

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most famous and loved drinks in the world. Now considered almost a super food due to its many beneficial properties, this drink it also performs several functions such as helping to stay awake, promoting concentration and, last but not least, stimulating the intestines. In fact, at least one in two people find themselves considering the first coffee in the morning as an aid to blood flow. An effect now known and on which several studies have been carried out.

Coffee helps to go to the bathroom: the reasons

It is well known that coffee is able to stimulate peristalsis . What is still not entirely clear is why this happens and which parts of the drink are actually involved.

If it was once thought that the cause was caffeine, recent studies have in fact shown that this is not true and that the decaffeinated version also produces the same effects.

woman with coffee
woman with coffee

This was made known by a study conducted by the University of Texas M edical Branch from which it emerged that coffee actually manages to stimulate intestinal motility, pushing the muscles of the intestine to contract more easily after several assumptions.

To better understand what is happening, the microbiome was also observed. From this it emerged that in the presence of a solution of 1.5% of coffee, the growth of bacteria and microbes present there tends to stop and decrease in the presence of a double solution.

At the moment it is not yet clear whether all bacteria stop, if the good ones or those considered bad are. Certainly, however, it is clear that coffee plays a role in the microbiome. A role on which new studies are underway aimed at better understanding how it works and whether this drink can be considered an aid against constipation.

How many coffees to drink per day

A cup of coffee in the morning is usually enough to stimulate evacuation . This drink, however, is rich in beneficial properties for which drinking it is recommended. From accelerating metabolism, to better digestion, to being useful against Alzheimer’s , coffee is a real panacea for the body.

What matters is not to overdo it. And in this regard, the right amount to drink seems to be the one that is around 4-5 cups per day. To drink obviously without sugar.

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